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Homotopia is vital. Homotopia is about platforming queer art and activism, queer safety and queer joy. We are a very visible representation of the LGBTQIA experience in the arts, and have been for nearly 20 years. The impact Homotopia is able to have on this city depends on the generous support of individuals, businesses and organisations. 

We are unapologetically queer. Unapologetic queerness through art means we make LGBTQIA people feel safe, find a place in society, and find a voice. 

If you like what we do and you think what we do is important.  Please help. You personally, can make a difference for both the LGBTQIA community today – and those of tomorrow, the day after and the day after that. 

Support our yearly Homotopia Festival with a monthly donation or one off payment. Email for more info.

Below are more options for specific programmes we run, both programmes of engagement rely on the generous support of donors to be delivered. 

Support “QueerCore”

Do you believe in increasing diversity in the arts and raising LGBTQIA voices? Homotopia needs you!

Here’s your chance to champion emerging new talent through our artist development programme and build a bright future for the UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and cultural festival.

You can help us to support and commission theatre makers, performance artists and writers to make art that challenges the status quo and champions LGBTQIA rights in new and fresh ways. QueerCore funded artists will perform at Homotopia Festival 2021.

The more you donate, the more we can commission and support!





Support Homotopia Youth Programme

Do you believe young people need a platform to speak about their experiences of being young and queer?

We work with LGBTQIA young people aged 16-25 in making exciting, engaging performance art about gender and sexual identity. This work is then presented in collaboration with education authorities to schools, community groups and public audiences.

It is really important for younger children to see role models only slightly older talking about this in a relatable way, hence we focus on primary schools. It is our goal to increase education around, and decrease bullying based on LGBTQIA identity.





Why Should You Support Us?

Meet and Greets

Every year, our key supporters are invited to tea times, dinners and other special events with our headline artists. For instance, in 2018, our tea time with John Walters went down a hoot!

Your Name in Lights (almost)

As a key supporter you will be named and thanked in our yearly Homotopia Festival brochure and on our website (if you wish to of course!).

In the Loop

We will let you know the full programme before anyone else, and keep you in the loop about what we are up to, with exclusive email updates and events.

How do I help?

Want to support the Uk’s longest running LGBTQIA arts festival, born and bred in Liverpool? Becoming a donor could make this happen. Get in touch with to discuss further.

Regularly Donate by Standing Order

If you would like to regularly donate to Homotopia via standing please contact Alex Ferguson, our Development Officer, on

Donate by Mail

Please make your cheque or postal order payable to ‘Homotopia’ and send it to: Homotopia, 23 Roscoe Ln, Liverpool L1 9JD. If you need any help or assistance please contact Alex Ferguson, our Development Officer, on