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Leo Soph Welton is a trans/non-binary graphic designer and artist based in Liverpool. They were raised in the North East of England, completing a degree in Graphic Design at Northumbria University many years ago. Since then they’ve worked with numerous organisations in Liverpool and throughout the UK, designing brands, creating campaigns, drawing pictures, running workshops and doing their best to use their creativity for good things.

“Life is a funny thing… at some point in our lives many of us question what we’re doing and why we do it; we know deep down there’s more to this life than following the status quo and standing on others to get where we think we want to be. We start to nurture a human instinct to help each other, we don’t want to necessarily play by the rules set out for us.

We yearn for a human connection and see the benefit that being good to our fellow humans has for ourselves and for the wider picture. I work on this premise. I want to help people do good things that have a positive impact on the world we share.”

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About the work

Leo says…

Sometimes is a poem that reflects my experiences as a gender non-conforming person from child hood through to adulthood. Most of my poetry is confined to the backs of sketchbooks and writing pads never to be shared so this was a big deal for me to put myself in front of the camera and tell my story.

This short film was created with First Take Video as part of their Queer Insight project. I was one of 10 artists who got the opportunity to work with an amazing set of mentors to develop my poetry and produce a film with music. For more information about Queer Insight and the other projects First Take run visit firsttake.org.uk – I can’t recommend them enough!

All the films produced by the Queer Insight group have just been shortlisted in this year’s Iris Prize LGBTQIA+ Film Festival. Proper good achievement – and I’d like to thank Jay, Lynne, Day and Char for all their support throughout the project.

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