Eat Me: The Apocalyse Edition

Eat Me: The Apocalypse Edition

We’re sure you’ve been busy in lock down – observing the life cycle of your houseflies, dreaming you’re part of a Joe Exotic quadruple and trying DESPERATELY not to read the news – but, it’s time to PEEL your pubis from the pleather, GAZE behind the velvet curtain, & untie your strait jackets – for one night only!

Homotopia are so excited to be working with The Liverpool-based queer drag dinner cabaret disco night EAT ME + Preach.

EAT ME: The Apocalypse Edition is an unique thriving and throbbing take on the lockdown featuring Auntie Climax, Midgitte Bardot, Astro Princess and many more.

Pay What You Can: it was fantastic to be able to make this, and if you enjoy the work presented, please donate the price of a drink, a ticket, or a bit extra. If you give what you would buy if you were out and at EAT ME, this means that these artists and others can keep working during this tricky time. It is also totally fine if you cannot afford to, and you just want to enjoy the work.

  • 50% will go directly to EAT ME + Preach
  • 50% will go to Homotopia which will directly fund queer artists in the creation of new work

Released on Friday the 17th of April 2020 at 8pm, in a live premiere on Homotopia TV (, and available afterwards.

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