Queer Change 

Queer Change 

QueerChange is a joint partnership project between Milk Presents (Midlands), Us (North West) and Curious Arts (North East), which offers four bursaries of £2000 each to early career artists within performing arts, alongside a programme of supported development. 

Over the course of 10 months the recipients of the bursaries will be supported to develop a new piece of work, apply for additional funding and develop their practice through workshops and mentorship.

We would like to introduce you to this year’s QueerChange Artists and Producers.

Artist Alex Billingham wears strings of pearls all over his face, neck, and chest. Someone is about to pour milk onto his face.

Alex Billingham

Alex is a genderqueer disabled live artist and curator, mixing art forms in a playful way. They will develop their piece Milk and Honey on QueerChange, supported by Milk Presents.

red_door_open@outlook.com @billingham_ale @AlexCBillingham  

Joy Cruickshank smirks at the camera with a bottle of Sourz and a cigarette.

Joy Cruickshank

Joy is a non binary trans masc theatre-maker with a focus on giving voice to the unheard. Their piece How To Be a HOT MESS (or how to live in your twenties) will be supported by Curious Arts.

joyjcruickshank@gmail.com @JoyCruickshank 

Jade Sweeting and Jenni Mac pose on a green tractor.

 Jade Sweeting & Jenni Mac

Jade Sweeting and Jenni Mac are artists working respectively in print, painting, poetry, music and photography. Through research, documenting, workshops and making, Jade and Jenni are now bringing together their practices to make new works representing and exploring performative sexuality and labelling beyond the era of necessary signalling. They will be supported by Curious Arts.


Farrell Cox poses for a selfie.

Farrell Cox

Farrell is a black British physical actress, aerialist and theatre maker, With the idea to develop her aerial solo show into a full-length piece, Ambivalence is an autobiographical piece about living with psychosis as a black, queer women. They will be supported by Milk Presents.

fcox@hotmail.co.uk @farrell.c @ChatterFaz

Dami Fawehinmi smiles at the camera and makes peace signs with both hands.


Dami Fawehinmi

Producer Dami Fawehinmi (She/her) is a cultural curator and photographer, her work focuses on creating multi-dimensional representation for marginalized communities. As a Black, Queer, non-binary person, she turns her personal experiences both negative and positive into art to exemplify the importance of Black Joy. Joy is supported by Curious Arts.

damifawehinmi@gmail.com @journalsofdami  @JournalsOfDami

Natalie Chan smiles for the camera.

Natalie Chan

Natalie is an arts fundraiser and producer from Hong Kong. Currently as General Manager for Creative Youth, she has won the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy’s Giving Tuesday Competition for the charity. Natalie is supported by Homotopia.


Photo credit: Jemima Yong
Will Amott smiles for the camera next to a fountain sparkler.

Will Amott

Will began their producing career in 2020. Since then, They have worked on live, digital and blended projects with In Good Company at Derby Theatre, Beatfreeks, Autin Dance Theatre, Sightlines Festival and multiple events for Fatt Projects, including Palaver! and Disco Tea Party. Their work tends to centre the LGBTQIA+ community, mental health and families and younger audiences, with a keen interest in expanding their work in nightlife and cabaret settings. Will is supported by Milk Presents.

willjamott@gmail.com @will_amott @will.amott

More information about QueerChange and the involved Companies.

Milk Presents
Milk Presents is a queer artist led company making live performance, theatre, cabaret, workshops, photography and films. Creating space for people to celebrate, disrupt, find community, watch some awesome cabaret-theatre and have an unforgettable night.

Homotopia is a Liverpool based arts & social justice organisation making a cultural impact through art and activism. Our aim is to support and platform local, national and international LGBTQIA socially engaged artists and creatives. Every October/November we present Homotopia Festival , featuring a variety of LGBTQIA art across multiple venues and outdoor spaces in the city. In addition to our festival, we have a year-round programme of artist development, public artworks and events.

Curious Arts
Curious Arts is a Newcastle Gateshead based not-for-profit organisation championing and developing LGBTQIA+ arts, artists and audiences across the North East of England. Producers of award-winning Curious Festival – a celebration of LGBTQIA+ culture, Curious Arts co-ordinate queer arts network Queer Arts North and develop community-focused arts projects and events throughout the year, in partnership with cultural and community organisations from across the region.