What would it look like to queer the city? If only for two weeks…

Queer The City full colour banner

30 October – 15 November

Across Liverpool and Online

Traditionally, Town Planning is a sector dominated by straight white cis men. Without diversity of thought or experience, how can our city offer the space, infrastructure and safety required for all of its residents to flourish?

Meanwhile, dedicated LGBTQIA spaces are constantly disappearing. Those that exist in Liverpool are almost universally inaccessible.

What is the visible face for LGBTQIA life and culture in Liverpool, if any?

Join us as we take queer art and culture to the streets.

Let’s Queer The City!


We’re turning the city’s walls into an outdoor exhibition. Take a tour around the Homotopia Art Crawl, featuring huge art installations by 8 LGBTQIA artists, in prominent locations around the city. Grab a map or follow along with the audio guide. Suitable for all ages.

Featuring art work by Fox FisherColin Lievens, Kiara Mohamed, Soph WeltonSophie GreenMichael ParryMillie Chesters and OyH 

Listen to the audio guide, presented by Roger Hill and featuring local emerging LGBTQIA artists including Felix Mufti-WrightMooncup Theatre and Iesha Palmer. 

Read more about the art and the artists here >>

view the digital map >>




Looking at Liverpool through a queer lens, The Walk is a stroll through the city, as told by 6 LGBTQIA writers/performers.  

Download the podcast and listen along as you retrace the writers’ steps. Or enjoy the recording from the comfort of your own home. You decide! 

With each story just 10 minutes, let us transport you into a queer new world.  

Join Homotopia as we walk with: 

Maz Hedgehog along Dale Street, Day Mattar through St James’ Garden, Marjorie H Morgan at the Albert Dock, Fox Fisher is a visitor walking from Lime Street through town, while Ashleigh Owen is on Williamson Square. Finally Mo Svendsen revisits past queer love walking down Eberle Street in the Gay Quarter. 

Read more about the writers and the work here >>


The Walk is co-commissioned by the Unity Theatre and will be broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside.

BBC Merseyside