Safer Spaces Policy

Safer Spaces Policy

Organisations involved with Liverpool’s Queer Summer have contributed towards and made a commitment to adhere to the below Safer Spaces policy. This document is a guide, it should change as we learn and grow. This is a commitment to our LGBTQIA community here in Liverpool, as a way for us all to feel included and respected.  Any events that have different measures (e,g strobe lighting) are listed on the individual event. 

The aim of Liverpool’s Queer Summer is to bring together members of our LGBTQIA community, in respectful, understanding and kind environments. where people have the freedom to express themselves, and work towards spaces that are constantly growing and adapting to our community’s needs. 

The aim is to make all spaces as safe as possible, while acknowledging it is It is both our collective and individual responsibility to make a space safer through our actions and behaviour responsibility to make a space safer with their own behaviour. The dedication and pledge for a safer space starts with organisers and venues and continues with participants.  

Organisers Commitment to Accessibility. 

Organisations involved with Liverpool’s Queer Summer are committed to making events as accessible as possible for all LGBTQIA people. 

  • The aim is for all venues and event spaces to be wheelchair accessible, close to public transport and have adequate seating.  
  • The aim is for all venues to have identifiable/signposted gender neutral toilets. 
  • No events will use strobe lighting 
  • If the cost of an event is prohibitive/the cost means you’re unable but still want to attend, please contact the individual event organisers directly.  

For event organisers, staff and participants, please follow the Safer Spaces guidance below.  

Always Ask For Consent 

  • Do not touch anyone without their consent. 
  • Please extend this to performers, staff, or people dancing etc. A person expressing themselves is not an excuse for you to touch them.   
  • Content to take/share and store image material should be sought where possible. Some people are not open/out and queer spaces should be free from the worry of being outed. 

Don’t Assume 

  • Please don’t assume anyone’s gender or sexual identity. Get into the habit of asking everyone what pronouns they prefer.  
  • If you are cisgender and you hear someone being misgendered please politely correct the person misgendering if possible, in a discreet and friendly way. 

Oppressive Behaviour 

Racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, ageism or discrimination on basis of ethnicity, immigration status, or religious, cultural, and/or spiritual beliefs, or any other kind of oppressive behaviour is unacceptable and will be challenged. Please do not use slurs that are not yours to use. For example, if you are white do not use racial slurs, even if you are being critical of them. Please give a choice for people to interact without having to talk if they don’t want to, If, for example, a person is neurodivergent, do not tell people off if they want to talk or move when everybody else is sitting quietly and give space to people to go at their own pace. See above also Don’t assume- that someone is being distracting because of bad behaviour it may be that they need to move about. Try and understand why a person is behaving in a certain way before judging them for doing so.  

We as a community understand the current socio-political climate to be especially hostile to QTIBPoC and where possible will aim to prioritise the accessibility needs of people from these communities.  

The Bottom Line 

We want Liverpool’s Queer Summer to provide important spaces that are not only safe for our community, but are also inclusive, welcoming, fun and a place for our LGBTQIA community to explore their gender and sexual identity, meet loads of boss people and have a ball. Please respect everyone’s decision and dedication to make this happen.  

 If you would like to make any suggestions or amendments to this policy, please contact with the subject LQS Safer Spaces Policy.

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