Partner with us

Partner with us

Want to work with one of the most innovative and exciting LGBTQIA organisations in the UK? You’re in the right place.

As well as being home to the UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and cultural festival, Homotopia offers a year-round programme of artist development, public artworks, community outreach and events.

If you’re looking to support incredible queer work and would like your brand to be recognised with an exceptional Liverpool born and bred arts organisation, let’s talk!

Our reach:

  • To our yearly festival with over 30 events in 3 weeks, we welcome an inclusive audience of 2,500+ attendees.
  • 1,500+ brochures and posters distributed throughout Liverpool and the North West.
  • Media partnerships with the UK’s largest queer publications, DIVA Magazine and Attitude.
  • BBC, Guardian and ITV coverage on radio, TV and in print.

Compared to other North West arts organisation we have:

  • Double the average disabled audience attendance,
  • 7% more attendance from non-white audiences than average,
  • 3100% higher attendance of those who’s gender is not defined as male or female.

Your benefit:

  • Demonstrate professionally and publicly your commitment to equality for the LGBTQIA community.
  • Increase and celebrate the diversity of your workforce.
  • Develop high quality artistic curation, connections and knowledge of the best local, national and international LGBTQIA artists.
  • Celebrate Liverpool as a home of world-class art and culture.

We have partnered with:

Cultural organisations

National Museums Liverpool, Unlimited, Marlborough Productions, Milk Presents, Curious Arts, Queer Arts North, St Helen’s Art in Libraries, Heart of Glass, Everyman & Playhouse, Unity Theatre, House of Suarez, LCR Pride Foundation and many more.

Corporate partners

Liverpool Football Club, Hope Street Hotel, Bruntwood, Sevenstore, Doc  Martens, Riverside Housing and many more.

Ready to support us?

We can work with you to develop bespoke partnerships, promotions and/or events. Download our Partner Info Pack here and contact our Marketing & Development Manager Olivia Graham on