Get involved with what’s going on at Homotopia.

We’re recruiting!

We are looking to appoint a Creative Assistant for 6 months to help with administrative support on our creative programmes, based at our busy Liverpool office.  


Festival submissions 

We are looking for fully-formed submissions from theatre makers and producers, visual artists and performance artists who identify as LGBTQIA. We’re also always happy to hear from artists who create family-friendly live theatre and/or workshops exploring LGBTQIA identities.  

Queer Creatives Meet-Up 

Come join us in the Unity bar for a friendly and inclusive meet-up with local LGBTQIA artists, makers and creators. This is your chance to meet new creative collaborators, seek career advice and have a lovely time with liked-minded queer pals.




Queer the city

How can we create a visible and safe future for LGBTQIA people in Liverpool?

Since 2020, our Queer The City project has brought LGBTQIA arts and culture into the mainstream.