QueerCore is Homotopia’s formal artist development programme for mixed art, literary, performance and visual artists based in the Liverpool City Region.

These individuals and groups receive funding, advice and support in their specific projects over the course of 12 months.

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Introducing our 2021/22 QueerCore artists . . .

Kolade T Ladipo (he/him)

Kolade has been a dancer for a plethora of artists, Wande Coal, MU4TY, Juls, Michael Aldag, Dave, Buju and JAE5. With music videos yet to come out. Kolade has been professionally dancing since 2018 and has choreographed for Ariana Grande’s London Fragrance launch in 2019, this consisted of styling, and casting the team too. Other collaborations also include Converse where Kolade choreographed a short dance sequence for Instagram. 

As a photographer Kolade has shot for T-Wu and upcoming Nigerian-British artist where the pictures were featured in The Native Magazine, Africa’s leading magazine for music and culture. 

Kolade also has his own brand called Noire Gayze which is all about championing the sounds of black queer people, through a magazine, nightlife events and community based events. The creation of this project and brand are to not only grow but enhance the safe spaces for black queer people in the north.

IG: @koladet.ladipo @NOIREGAYZE

QueerCore Artist Rosa Kusabbi smiles for the camera. A blue banner with white text reads 'Rosa Kussabi (She/Her)'. The QueerCore logo is underneath the banner.

Rosa Kusabbi (she/her)

Rosa is an illustrator and activist from Merseyside. As a queer illustrator, Rosa understands the importance of seeing yourself in the world. Of seeing others like you, who share experiences that those in power want to ignore. And so Rosa makes sure that every piece of work she sends out into the world allows others to see themselves. Rosa celebrates cis female, non-binary and trans bodies, with a love of colour in her celebration of these beautiful humans and their stories.

www.rosakusabbi.com IG: @rosa_illustration

QueerCore Artist Rhiannon May smiles for the camera. A blue banner with white text reads 'Rhiannon May (She/Her)'. The QueerCore logo is underneath the banner.

Rhiannon May (she/Her)

Rhiannon is a Liverpool based textile artist, working primarily with quilting and embroidery. She is fascinated by colour and texture and creates work that is interesting to look at and interesting to be a part of. She hates the idea of ‘don’t touch the art’ and wants to create engaging art that people can and should touch. Rhiannon is a deaf, queer artist and creates work that aims to show joy and pride in her identity. She is also an actor and theatre maker and is really excited by the combination of textile art and theatre, and how they can be used alongside each other.


QueerCore Artist Marcella Rick smiles for the camera. A blue banner with white text reads 'Marcella Rick (She/They)'. The QueerCore logo is underneath the banner.

QueerCore 2022 artist Marcella Ricks, (she/they), poses in front of a cherry blossom tree, with the wind blowing through her vibrant red hair. She wears a colourful pink and blue shirt and a necklace of the female symbol.