March For The Arts – Working Guidance

We’re signed up to the March for the Arts (MFTA) Working Guidance for Arts Freelancers and Organisations

The creation of the document was facilitated by March for the Arts (MFTA), as part of an Arts Council England (ACE) funded project for the Liverpool City Region. It is a piece of guidance that will grow and change over the coming months and years.

MFTA will be asking creatives and organisations in the Liverpool City Region to read, share and sign up to the principles in this document.

Organisations, freelancers and anyone employing a worker on a freelance basis can use this document and should try their best to follow its clauses as far as they can. There are also links to useful information and helpful templates running through the guidance.

When it comes to diversity, inclusion and accessibility key factors include:

Don’t assume.

It is not an organisation’s place to assume the identity, ability or circumstances of a freelancer and allocate work based on these assumptions. Include freelancers in conversations that are about them.

Organisations should normalise asking people for their pronouns.

Asking for these to be displayed by everyone on Zoom call names, for example, makes everyone feel comfortable in expressing their pronouns. Alongside the use of inclusive language organisations should have gender neutral toilets.

Read more about the Working Guidance here.