The colourful Queer the City logo is made up of illustrations of Liverpool landmarks, such as the Radio City Tower, the Anglican Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and Museum of Liverpool.

Queer The City

Queer The City is a project that combines visible queer art with a programme of community building and training for venues and transport providers. Since 2020, this project has brought LGBTQIA arts and culture into the mainstream, with the intention of creating a visible and safe future for queer people in Liverpool.

White text on a red background reading 'Homotopia Festival'.

Homotopia Festival

The UK’s longest running LGBTQIA arts and cultural festival. Homotopia Festival was born and bred in Liverpool and proudly champions local, national, and international queer and trans* creatives, artists, and makers.

White text on a black background with colourful bursts reads 'Homotopia Art Activism'.

Artist Development

Homotopia is committed to developing, supporting, and championing the most exciting new LGBTQIA creative talent in Liverpool, and across the North.

Current Projects include QueerCore and Queer Change.

White text on a dark blue background reading 'Homotopia Presents'.

Homotopia Presents

Homotopia Presents consists of projects and works of art that we support all year round outside of our festival programme, ranging from podcasts to major exhibition’s such as April Ashley: Portrait of a lady, showcasing her story as a model, actress, and one of the first people in the world to undergo pioneering gender reassignment surgery, in partnership with the Museum of Liverpool.

White text on a yellow background reading 'Supported By Homotopia'.

Supported By

We work in collaboration with other organisations and artists to support them further with their development and reach. This ranges from events, public murals, and specific funding and support opportunities’ for LGBTQIA artists.

White text on a pink background reads 'Young Homotopia'.

Young Homotopia

A partnership project Homotopia runs with GYRO, running workshops, rehearsals, and performances for a creative collective of young LGBTQIA people who are interested in self-expression through creativity and performance. Led by Associate Artist Ashleigh Owen, and a number of visiting practitioners, the performances taking place during the festival and on occasion, during the year.