All of our venues have level access and accessible bathrooms, and where possible events are interpreted with BSL and/or captions.

Please see individual listings for details and contact if you have any access queries or concerns we can help with.

Venues that do not already have gender-neutral bathrooms will be provided with temporary signage.

All FOH and security staff will be given briefings on gender-neutral language and safer spaces policies.

Opening night at Content will include a raised viewing platform: this is for wheelchair users and other disabled and neurodivergent folks. There will be a mix of seating and standing places throughout.

All events have seating available.

Safer Spaces

Events are open to all, and we trust in the community to do what we do best: looking out for one another and collaborating towards maximum joy.

As a foundation:

We operate a zero tolerance policy on harassment
This includes but is not limited to ableism, ageism, biphobia, fatphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia and xenophobia. None of that, ta.

Consent is mandatory
Do not touch anyone without consent or invade personal space. This includes clothes, hair, and property. Always ask first and no means no, you know?

Ask, don’t assume
Please don’t assume someone’s gender or sexuality. Ask for pronouns.

Dress Code

We absolutely encourage as much ridiculous dressing up and showing off as possible, but please be mindful of cultural appropriation, particularly around religious and sacred imagery in your costuming choices.

Companion & Low/ No Income Tickets

We reserve a small number of free tickets for each event, no questions asked; please contact to book. We want you here babes!