Surprise, Surprise with Filla Crack

Surprise, Surprise with Filla Crack 06Jun

Surprise, surprise! Filla Crack is up your street.

A Homotopia Commission

Liverpool’s first lady of Drag Miss Filla Crack is breaking out! Coming to a socially distanced street near you, Filla aims to will bring her big Scouse heart, plus a song or two, to cheer-up yer locked-down neighbours.

In a series of pop-up, socially distanced performances, Filla’s distinctive, feel-good brand of drag cabaret is coming to a street near you.

Invite your neighbours to view the performance from their windows and balconies as Filla brings some much-needed fun 2-metres away from your front door!

Get involved

To nominate your a loved one (who lives with you/on your street) for a visit from Filla Crack on Saturday 6 June, complete this online form. All performances will be within 3km of Liverpool City Centre.


Miss Filla Crack is a Scouse born and bred drag cabaret performer, resident host at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre’s Bistro drag nights and performs regularly around the city. Mixing comedy, power vocals, charm and inclusivity into her work, Filla prides herself on welcoming audience members with open arms and offering some much needed escapism.

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6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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