claudiu oprea: bear’s dream

claudiu oprea: bear's dream


November 12, 2023 - December 1, 2023    
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Granby Winter Gardens
37-39 Cairns Street, Liverpool, L8 2UW

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enter the realm of the bear, claudiu’s guide animal, as it prepares to enter the restorative space of hibernation. just as the bear dreams of cloud gardens adorned by wildflowers and healing herbs, Homotopia arrives, offering a timely journey into states of deep rest and spiritual healing.

step into a speculative post apocalyptic future where the bear, in trance states, envisions the cloud gardens as portals to connect with ancestral wisdom.

immerse yourself in the dreamscapes of a fluffy toy bear, frolicking in the meadows of wildflowers within the cloud gardens, gently drifting through the sky. created to provide a serene and surreal backdrop to your festival experience.

join us at Homotopia 2023, where the bear’s wisdom and the dream of cloud gardens merge to create a unique journey of self-discovery, healing, and connection to your ancestral roots. don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that transcends time and space.

You can visit claudiu’s installation at the Granby Winter Gardens from Sunday 12 November till Friday 1 December. 

Venue opening times vary day to day – we recommend checking their instagram for most up to date info.
Open: Sundays 12 – 4pm, Mondays 2 – 5pm, Wednesday 11am – 4pm, Thursday 2 – 5pm, Fridays Closed and 10am – 3pm on 1st Saturday of the month

Granby Winter Gardens
37-39 Cairns Street, Liverpool, L8 2UW