claudiu oprea: Future Ancestors

claudiu oprea: Future Ancestors


November 19, 2023    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Granby Winter Gardens
37-39 Cairns Street, Liverpool, L8 2UW

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This is a free event but booking essential

With Murat Hassan and other special guests

As future ancestors what are the legacies we wish to leave behind? Queer space-makers Murat Hassan and claudiu oprea will lead an artist panel followed by embodied creative exercises to explore the roles of the future elder, queer ancestry and developing queer traditions.

Taking inspiration from Murat’s travelling Altar installation we will record queer stories and co-dream our futures together through body and breathworks, creative writing and meditations.


About Murat Hassan
Creative producer, curator and community organiser.

Mo works across various organisations that have a strong focus on bridging the gaps, highlighting the need for representation of marginalised communities within the arts.

He is art director of Shangri-la at Glastonbury festival, were his focus is on changing the festival culture to be more inclusive through programming stages and spaces that create opportunity for those who are not normally represented within the main stream festival industry.

He is on the board of Diversity and inclusion for Glastonbury festival and has worked with organisations to help create cultures that support diversity.

He has an MA in art and politics in which his main focus was creating intentional spaces for queer people to feel empowered and elevated, through exploring their identities and spiritual connections via the medium or art, rituals and archiving.

Mo has worked with organisations such as Good Chance who focus on projects centred and led by displaced artists.

Granby Winter Gardens
37-39 Cairns Street, Liverpool, L8 2UW