QueerCore is Homotopia’s formal artist development programme for mixed art, literary, performance and visual artists based in the North-West of England.

These individuals and groups receive funding, advice and support in their specific projects over the course of 12 months.

Transcend Theatre

Felix Mufti-Wright, Ailis Lord and Ty Mather are Transcend Theatre, a trans and queer-led theatre company exploring issues not often highlighted in mainstream arts, with music and poetry are incorporated within the work.


ROOT-ed zine

ROOT-ed (Revolution of our time) is a self-published zine and social platform, that promotes, supports and inspires creative people of colour in the North West. Founded by artists Amber Akaunu and Fauziya Johnson during their final year at university studying Fine Art. The two saw a lack of representation in university, media, galleries and museums and felt the need to create this platform to represent the underrepresented.



Jim Valentine-Burrows

Pretentious Dross is the stage name of Jim Valentine-Burrows, drag queen, performance maker, digital artist and co-producer of EAT ME+Preach! Liverpool’s O.G drag dinner cabaret & queer disco.

They are developing their solo show STRANGE LOOP, a dark ballad of transformation and longing that fizzes out across visual projection, sonic patchwork, lip-sync and ritual magick.


Michael Parry

Michael Parry is a visual and live artist and photographer based in Liverpool. He sees art as a form of expression, a tool and a coping mechanism, to voice and to document, to release and provoke thought. He is working on a collaborative piece of photography work, with performance artist Francis Diamonti, called To Be Frank, alongside a physical collection titled Hard (on) consisting of five large pieces in a 2-D mixed media set up.

See more at modernmarks.co.uk.

Mooncup Theatre

Mooncup Theatre is a womxn led collective.  They met as independent artists sharing work in Liverpool.

Mooncup aims to provide a bold, political voice that theatrically engages through dark comedy, physicality, and song, to promote open conversations and question world views. They hope to encourage this by supporting the web of female identifying and queer artists within the city.


Millie Chesters

Millie is an illustrator based in Runcorn who brings her sketchbooks to life through her art. She is driven by the joy of drawing and mark-making with pens, pencils, paint; any medium that captures the moment. Millie uses her traditional drawing skills to make GIFs, animations and digitally rendered illustrations. 


Kiara Mohamed

Kiara Mohamed (he/him) is a multidisciplinary Muslim trans, gender-fluid artist based in Liverpool. He works with photography, filmmaking and poetry. His work is primarily concerned with addressing the intersections of race,  gender, sexuality and self care. Particularly in relation to forms of community and social responsibility. His most recent film, ‘Home’ was premiered online with The Bluecoat.


Day Matter and Brendan Curtis

Day is a non-binary, queer artist and facilitates a Queer Poetry Collective. 

Brendan is a multi-disciplinary, neurodivese queer artist who performs as Auntie Climax and Penny Lane. Brendan co-produces Liverpool’s alternative drag cabaret night EAT ME + Preach! 

Together they focus on shared concerns, queer poets, and produce/critique work.

@daymattarpoetry // @preachclub

Ciaran Hodgers

Ciaran is a multi-award winning Irish poet based in Liverpool. His debut collection Cosmocartography is published with Burning Eye books. Awards include; Word War 3 Slam Champion, Pangaea International Online Poetry Slam 2015, National Senior Winner of Sean Dunne Young Writers Award 2010.

Ciaran is on QueerCore to develop his playwrighting debut ‘Albert’.



QueerCore will reopen for new applications in early 2021.