Silsiliad Gabay, an Our Space project

Silsiliad Gabay, an Our Space project

Social connection is a time of physical isolation

A Homotopia Commission

Our Space is a Leeds-based producer of QTIPoC live art, performance and queer community collaboration led by DJ, sound artist and producer SAYANG, and visual artist, curator and community organiser Dahab. Together, they focus on the interaction between digital and physical worlds and challenge the culture, perception and boundaries of being a QTIPoC artist by interpreting art from our histories through the digital culture of how we live now.

Silsilad Gabay is a Somali phrase meaning chain poems, recorded, forwarded and built between loved ones, in times of separation. Inspired by Dahab’s cultural experiences of community connectedness in precarious and difficult times, Our Space’s Silsilad Gabay will bring together QTIPoC artists in quarantine to curate a digital chain of messages and responses.

Becoming an archive of this strange time, the recording will uplift and create a sense of connection, love, care and expression for QTIPoC and allies.

Where can I hear it?

We released Silsilad Gabay on 14 July on SoundCloud and YouTube


SAYANG is a DJ, sound artist, producer and activist who explores race, queerness and accessibility in club and queer culture. SAYANG develops ambitious, responsive and inherently political sound pieces, spaces and experiences centred on uplifting QTIPoC and Trans communities while unpicking their own story.

Dahab is a visual artist, exhibition and screening curator and QTIPoC social organiser. He creates and co-facilitates creative spaces for QTIPoC to explore and celebrate the vulnerability and power of living at the intersections of marginalised identities.


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14/07/2020 - 31/07/2020
All Day

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