QueerCore at Homotopia Festival

QueerCore at Homotopia Festival


01/11/2022 - 20/11/2022    
All Day

Every year Homotopia selects 4 emerging LGBTQIA artists from the Liverpool City Region to join the QueerCore artist development programme.

These artists gain 12-months of structured support, a bursary, mentorship and professional development opportunities.


Kolade T Ladipo (he/him) is a dancer, choreographer, photographer and brand designer. During QueerCore, Kolade is developing his lifestyle brand Noire Gayze which champions black queer people through a magazine, nightlife and community events.

QTIBPoC Creatives Meetup and The Future of Queer Media

Marcella Rick (she/they) is a Liverpudlian neurodiverse theatremaker who uses their writing to navigate gender identity and non-traditional relationships. Marcella is developing an immersive piece about growing up as a non-binary lesbian in a cis-hetero patriarchy.

Catch Marcy performing at Try Something New and Where Are All The Lesbians?

Rhiannon May (she/her) is a Liverpool based textile artist, working primarily with quilting and embroidery. She hates the idea of ‘don’t touch the art’ and wants to create engaging art that people can and should touch. She is also an actor and theatre maker.

Visit Rhiannon’s solo exhibition Please Touch The Art (itch my brain) at Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

Rosa Kusabbi (she/her) is an illustrator and activist from Merseyside. Rosa celebrates cis female, non-binary and trans bodies, with a love of colour in her celebration of these beautiful humans and their stories.

Visit Rosa’s solo exhibition Historic Queers at SEVENSTORE.


Find out more about QueerCore here.


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