Queer The City 2021

Queer The City 2021

27 October – 30 November 

What is the visible face of LGBTQIA life and culture in Liverpool? 

Following a recent spate of violent hate crimes directed at our community, we’re responding with positivity, heart and (naturally) art! 

Just like during Homotopia Festival 2020, we’re turning the city’s walls into an outdoor exhibition. Only this year, we’re making it louder, prouder and more fierce than ever.  

We’ve curated an exhibition of 3 huge artworks around the city, offering bold messages of resistance, love and hope.  


‘Queer With No Fear’ by Ben Youdan 

Location: Window at FACT, 88 Wood Street 

‘Queer With No Fear’ is a bold and resilient statement made in the wake of a series of homophobic attacks in the city. The ransom note style typeface is set against urban textures and the eponymous image of the pink triangle which is a symbol of queer suffering. It is a rebellious act of re-appropriation of public space with a defiant visual statement in order to spread the message that the best way to fight back against oppression and violence is to be your authentic self. 

Ben Youdan is a queer visual artist based in Liverpool. His mixed media work employs a wide variety of techniques including collage, drawing, painting and photography. The imagery created takes inspiration from the iconography and ephemera of popular culture as well as referencing art history and a variety of subcultures. His pieces explore themes such as queer identity, glamour, beauty, individualism and sexuality. He has had several major solo exhibitions and has exhibited internationally. 

Website: benyoudanart.com 

Facebook: Ben Youdan art 

Instagram: @benyoudanart 

Twitter: @benyoudanart 


‘Queer Power’ by Dan Chan 

Location: College Lane, Liverpool One 

‘Queer Power’ resembles some of the different stages LGBTQIA+ people experience when they embrace their true selves. It is a visual love letter to all queer and trans peoples’ inner child, to invite in self-love for them as individuals and for the collective energy we hold as a community. 

Dan Chan (he/they) is a visual and drag artist based in Liverpool. They communicate through bold colour and striking imagery to explore and express their intersectional identity as a queer, mixed race, gender fluid person, creating snapshots of their idyllic dream worlds.   

Website: danchanartist.com 

Instagram: @the.danchan 

Twitter: @danchanartist     


‘Hate Has No Place In Liverpool’ by Rosa Kusabbi 

Location: LUSH Liverpool,  Church Alley.

‘Hate Has No Place In Liverpool’ is a response to recent homophobic attacks in Liverpool. The artist wanted the artwork to be a joyous celebration of all things queer and to make the point that LGBTQIA people should be able to occupy all areas of the city centre safely and freely. 

Rosa Kusabbi is a printmaker and animator based in Liverpool. Her work is centred around female empowerment and social issues such as climate justice. Rosa describes her work as a mix of contemporary illustration with influences from vintage music and protest posters, all tied together with a rebellious punky spirit!  

Website: rosakussabi.com 

Instagram: @rosa_illustraion  

TikTok: @rosa_illustration 


Have your say!

How can we keep Liverpool’s LGBTQIA community both visible and safe? Take part in our ongoing community consultation here.


With thanks to:

Culture Liverpool // Liverpool City Council // LCR Pride Foundation // FACT // Liverpool One 



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27/10/2021 - 30/11/2021
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88 Wood Street
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