Queer Punk Is A Protest

Queer Punk Is A Protest


7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Punk has always been counterculture, trend-setting and radical. Just like us!

That’s why Homotopia is bringing together three of the hottest, queerest punk bands in the UK for a huge, raucous night of live music.


Skinny Girl Diet is two sisters from North London who play raw, abrasive, in your face guitar
music. Formed in 2011, when still young teenagers, the band has gone on to play Meltdown at Southbank, Afropunk London at Alexandra Palace, Bestival and Berlins Pop Kulture Festival, Late at the Tate (Tate Britain and Tate Modern) and the Roundhouse i-tunes Festival with Primal Scream.

pink suits is a Non Binary, Queer Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo based in Margate, UK. Formed in 2017, pink suits make loud aggressive political punk noise as well as dance, physical theatre, film and art. pink suits work is an exploration of sexuality, fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations, questioning how voices and bodies can be used as a form of protest.

Piss Kitti confront crowds with their feverish set and unforgiving attitude. Serving up erotic-driven chaos with a sense of humour.


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