Written and performed by Jade Anouka 

Based on a real journey our heroine is trying to follow her heart. But with a beast lurking it’s sometimes hard to know how. We begin at the wedding, she is 24 and marrying a gorgeous guy but although they look great together they share a secret that quickly eats away at their ‘perfect’ marriage. Left alone and looking for ways to block out her beast she finds ways to flip the script on her life only to find she is falling into the same old ways again: desperately wanting the ‘perfect life’. 

After a solo trip and self-reflection she finally gets over the heartache that has been lingering and finds a way to excel at self-care. But it is here, when she least expects it, that her world changes. It is not what she was looking for but it turns out its exactly what she needs. However, to get to that realisation she is forced to face her past, her family and society as a whole. Can she be rid of her beast for good and find her way back to her Heart? 


Note: This is a staged reading, rather than a full theatre production, of the play HEART featuring Jade Anouka. Expect the same great script and delivery, but with a striped back production.   


10+ Contains loud music and mild swearing. 




Photo Credit: Eleonora Kouneni

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7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Unity Theatre
1 Hope Place
L1 9BG

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