Festival Friends: Ports In A Storm

Festival Friends: Ports In A Storm

Want to Come Out but don’t want to do it alone? 


We’re working with Ports In A Storm to offer a festival friends scheme. If you’d like to attend the following events, but don’t want to come alone, you don’t have to. Contact Ports In A Storm and you can attend with a group of like-minded LGBTQIA folks.


Sun 31 Oct, Dietrich Live

Mon 1 Nov, Young Homotopia

Sun 14 Nov, Family Vogue Ball

TBC, One in, One out


To find out more or book your place email Kelly on portsinastormliverpool@gmail.com.

This opportunity is for LGBTQIA folks only.


Ports In A Storm facilitates engagement in public life for marginalised and vulnerable communities. The organisation aims to encourage people to transcend that first hurdle to engagement, i.e. leaving the house! It is our hope we can provide such engagement for marginalised and dispossessed communities from all walks of life, responding to the specific needs and context of a continually changing world. 

PIAS will initially focus on the transgender community, purely as this is the community PIAS is most familiar with. However, it is anticipated that the project will look to work with further marginalised or dispossessed communities, such as refugees, elderly or simply people suffering with social anxiety in any of its forms. 

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20/10/2021 - 14/11/2021
All Day


Various venues