You’ve Changed


You've ChangedA Trans Creative and Contact Co-production, written and performed by Kate O’Donnell.

So, let’s, face the music and dance…

It’s fourteen years since Kate transitioned and a lot has changed. However, where gender is concerned, are we still stuck in the dark ages? When there’s no rule book, sometimes you just have to write your own.

Through song, dance, hard-won wit and wisdom, You’ve Changed shines a light on the ins, outs, ups and downs of transitioning. Challenging the idea that genitals equal gender, Kate literally bares all, exploring what’s down there and what’s up here.

Kate’s changed: that’s clear, but she really wants to know is, have you?

Supported by Royal Exchange Theatre and Waterside Arts Centre, Arts Council England.

Image: Lee Baxter

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VenueUnity Theatre
DateTues 7th November
Tickets£10 (£8 Conc)
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