Scratch and See 2016


Camp Collective

Join Divina DecampoCherry Pop and Aqua Phresh as we Dazzle, Delight and Drive you through our Camp, Creative, Cheerful night as part of Homotopia! Camp collective will be sure to keep you entertained as we guide you through the night’s performances as your fabulous hosts – and we may even sneak in a few performances of our own for your viewing pleasure!

The Kommander

The Kommander is a mixed media performance artist from the North West whose work brings narratives to the stage based on political, sociological, psychological and philosophical concepts. Using grotesque characters and video installations The Kommander is bring a dark heart back into performance.

Ally Allerton

Straight outta compos mentis, the meekly macabre Ally Allerton has fought many battles. She will inspire and motivate her audience… all whilst still in her pyjamas. An up and coming character on the comedy circuit, come and follow Ally down the rabbit hole as she demonstrates a unique and obliviously observant take on the everyday and the mundane.

Venue & Booking

VenueUnity Theatre
DateTue 8 November
AddressUnity Theatre, 1 Hope Place, Liverpool, L1 9BG
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