OUTOUT is about shape shifting in a bid to fit in; to be black enough, straight enough, Jamaican enough…

Challenging homophobia and transphobia within Caribbean communities, OUT is a conversation between two bodies, reclaiming Dancehall and celebrating queerness amongst the bittersweet scent of oranges.

Embracing personal, political and cultural dissonance, this defiant act of self expression smashes through the silence, summoning voices and re-enacting movements in a chaotic mash-up of remembrance and reinvention.

Created by Rachael Young with Dwayne Antony.
Performed by Rachael Young and Malik Nashad Sharpe.

OUT was created with kind support from Arts Council England, The Marlborough Theatre, The Yard Theatre, IBT, Curve – Leicester, South East Dance and Greenwich University.

Venue & Booking

VenueUnity Theatre
DateWed 8th November
Tickets£8 (£6 Conc)
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