Mop The House: A Short Guide to Vogue


Mop the House vogueFittings Multimedia Arts
By Garry Robson

Mop the House is the UK premiere of a brand-new co-commission by DaDaFest, Homotopia and The Arena Theatre.


An intimate extravaganza for two actors, one DJ, an audience and a runway that could go anywhere.


And once upona tippitty top time the Mother looked and saw the children of the House of Krip and saw it was good. And she said go forth and display outstanding amounts of nonchalant fabulousness. Be fierce and let the people understand the true mystery of Vogue.”

 Oi. Nish the chat. I’m the writer and when I say anywhere, I mean, mainly it’ll go skittering and scattering through Vogue culture as Daisy Darling, Billi Bones and me rob our way through everything we find in search of a Mother, a home and a good story to tell.

Mopping. You go into a store and just look, look for whatever you wanna see, look for whatever, Mopping is stealing, general stealing, however its done, its stealing. Words, music, moves and of course clobber!”

Fittings bring you the latest stage of their sashay into the world of Vogue culture. Melding history with fantasy and dance with urban sign. Featuring house beats with a punk sensibility and a lot of BAD language.

Supported by Arts Council England and quite likely YOU!

Suitable for 16+

Venue & Booking

VenueUnity Theatre
DateThurs 15 - Fri 16 November
Tickets£10 (Concs £8)
NotesAge 16+
Address1 Hope Place, L1 9BG
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