I Am For You Can Enjoy Thurs 20 Oct - Sun 30 Oct



Khalil West and Ajamu bring their photography/video exhibition I AM FOR YOU CAN ENJOY to FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) from 21st-30th October as part of Homotopia. An ongoing multimedia collaboration between the two centred on Blackness, masculinity, respectability, representation, agency, pleasure, and liberation, I Am For You Can Enjoy is a living archive of voices at the margins of race, sexuality and erotic labour. This collection of portraits and interviews exploring the lived experiences and perspectives of proud queer Black men who sell sex services challenges conceptions of raced bodies and sex workers.


“The enduring image of the male sex worker is of the normative body engaged in the transgressive act, i.e. white men selling their bodies/services for profit. Though popular discourses around sex work are broadening to include more diverse identities and impulses, male sex work is still overwhelmingly represented by whiteness and discussed within contexts of addiction, sexual health, and sexual pathology, thereby dismissing pleasure and agency
and rendering silent many testimonies which speak to the impacts of racial identity on sex work.”

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DateThurs 20 Oct - Sun 30 Oct
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