House of Ghetto


House of Ghetto: Black Pride comprises key portraits and a new video installation of the founding female members of The House of Ghetto; a Vogue House based in Manchester, UK.

Vogue is a form of stylised dance and performative posture, characterized by model-like poses that arose from the Harlem ballroom scene of the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s/80s by often poor and disenfranchised African American communities, especially gay men, evolving to become fully inclusive to all. A ‘house’ in these terms is the name given to a collective unit who form a troupe, presided over by a ‘mother’, often lead choreographer and/or art director, able to guide, style and produce, but also adopting a familial and supportive role for younger members.

Curated by Bren O’Callaghan and Darren Pritchard.

Image courtesy of Bren O’Callaghan and Darren Pritchard.


Venue & Booking

VenueUnity Theatre, first floor bar
Date1st November - 25th November
Address1 Hope Pl, L1 9BG.
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