DEPĐẹp is the Vietnamese word for beautiful. Based in the UK, the Vietnamese born gay artist Van Huynh draws us into a very personal and intimate world, in which the audience is confronted to their own humanity, sexuality and vulnerability.

ĐẸP is part of Dam Van Huynh’s “Nude Series” in which he explores the many facets on the theme of the nude self: the physical form and the fragile self, stripped of inhibition. Van Huynh questions our relationship with personal liberation, going from one state of being to another.

The work sees a shift in Van Huynh’s movement language as it delves ever deeper into the true nature of the human condition.

The dancers in ĐẸP are nude for a purpose. Fragile and vulnerable, their nudity literally strips them bare. Disrobed, free of distraction, their movement begins at the point where the mind transcends the physical self. Amplified and tracked by Martyna Poznanska’s numinous score, the movement in ĐẸP invites the audience to let go, reaching ever closer to the feeling of being alive.

Pina Bausch meets Bill Viola, then along comes Dam Van Huynh. An intense, beautiful and profound work once seen never forgotten. ~ Eighteen London


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VenueUnity Theatre
DateThurs 9th November
Tickets£10 (£8 Conc)
NotesThis performance contains full frontal nudity. Recommended 16+
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