David Bowie Made Me Gay


David Bowie
Steve Levine (former producer Culture Club) interviews author Darryl W Bullock exploring the influence of LGBT+ music makers through history.

Darryl’s latest book, ‘David Bowie Made Me Gay’ uncovers the lives of the people who made these records, and offers a lively canter through the scarcely documented history of LGBT music-makers. Darryl discusses how LGBT performers influenced Jazz and Blues and examines the almost forgotten Pansy Craze in the years between the two World Wars (when many LGBT performers were feted by royalty and Hollywood alike).

The talk will explore the dark years after the depression when gay life was driven underground, the re-emergence of LGBT performers in the post-Stonewall years, and, today’s most legendary out-gay pop stars: Elton John, Boy George, Freddie Mercury, and George Michael.

 Image: Ace MegaRex Bowie (Creative Commons).

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DateWed 22 November
Address12 College Ln, L1 3DL
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