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Young Man!
Choreographed by Carlos Pons Guerra

DeNada Dance Theatre
A meaty, bold duet spiked with memories of your favourite Almodóvar films, partly inspired by Jean Cocteau’s timeless libretto Le Jeune Homme et la Mort, Carlos Pons Guerra’s fatal and kitschy duel of seduction promises to subvert perceptions.


Gary Clarke: Cameo Cookie
Cameo Cookie is the story of Anita Bryant, the honey-voiced American singer and hard-boiled beauty queen who campaigned in the 1970’s to crush the gay rights movement. A scintillating mix of movement and gesture, music, spoken word, props, gimmicks and a splash of irony,Cameo Cookie presents a reflection of a woman who led a homophobic crusade and yet ended up as the name of a popular cocktail in gay bars all over America.

‘Bold, Brash and incredibly funny’ 

Supported by The Nightingale Theatre, The Pink Fringe, The Place, Yorkshire Dance, The Civic Barnsley. Funded by Arts Council England, The Pink Fringe and produced by Annabel Dunbar.


Variations of the Heart- Tmesis Theatre

Choreographed by Elinor Randle

A passionate duet between two women and a story of the human heart, it’s power, and it’s many variations. Firstly inspired, and using live recordings from Meike Holzmann & Egle Mei’s musical project, ‘Heart Variations for String Quartet’; an incredible story of over thirty people’s hearts.

Venue & Booking

VenueUnity Theatre. 1 Hope Place. L1 9BG
DateSaturday 9th November
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