Ancestral Constellations


ancestral constellations

Join experienced facilitator/coach Sonya Welch-Moring and artist Ria Hartley for a day-long exploration of identity, belonging, and finding a place in the family.

The Constellations Method has been developed from a wise blending of Western psychology and indigenous wisdom. Constellations are a dynamic visual mapping process that can help you to look wider and deeper into an issue. It can help you to look back into your ancestral history to explore relationships that may have been unresolved. It can help you explore dynamics in your current community that are unclear and it can help you to explore family patterns that you may be unaware of and are affecting your sense of belonging or cultural identity.

During the workshop we will, amongst other topics:

  • Explore issues of identity, belonging, and finding a place in the family
  • Reflect on wider relationship dynamics in our communities
  • Identify issues in the social system that create disharmony in our lives
  • Look at the indigenous wisdom within the constellations process
  • Seek steps to restore the flow of love in our families and communities


About Sonya Welch-Moring

Over the past 25+ Sonya has worked with people in a variety of roles, as a trainer, group facilitator, mediator, coach and mental health nurse.  She has been working with a ‘systemic lens’, since 2000, specialising in the Family Constellations method since 2011.

The systemic constellations lens is a powerful one!  It looks widely and deeply into family, community and social systems with the aim of uncovering difficult dynamics and taking steps to heal and restore, ‘the flow of love’ between people in families and communities.

To find out more about Sonya and what you can expect by coming to this workshop visit her website.


This workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 participants, therefore early booking is essential.


Venue & Booking

VenueOpen Eye Gallery
DateMon 26 November
Time10am - 5pm
TicketsPay What You Decide
NotesBooking essential
Address19 Mann Island, L3 1BP
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